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11 Significant Role of Women

A woman is a superpower that every place needs for its super growth. Yes, I do agree that men and women are equally important but a woman can do things that a man can never think of doing them. People who say a woman is hard to understand, I say its more than that. The 11 significant role of women will be discussed further:

If you’ll love her then you’ll be able to understand her if you’ll judge her you can never understand her. But she is the best creation of God. Today women are performing multiple roles at one time whether it is of family, profession, social, women empowerment and many more.

But what are the roles that a woman has to play in the family, in modern society or in life? Is it just getting married? Having children? Or become a successful professional?

Best 11 Significant Role of Women in Life

One and one becomes two or eleven? It’s two ethically but we will discuss eleven significant roles of women:-

role of women
Role of women

* Daughter:- When a baby girl comes to a family it must be the best thing or the best gift that any parents can have but a girl has to face many problems because of her gender. But a daughter cares for her parents more than a son.

” A son is a son before the wife and a daughter is a daughter for the whole life.” A daughter is more responsible for fulfilling her bonds & relationships.

She doesn’t deserve to be compared with a boy, everybody has their own place in the universe and after all, we can say “Beta” to a girl but we can’t say “Beti” to a boy.

* Mother:- When a lady gives birth to a new life she becomes the luckiest woman in the world. Then she leads a new life with her baby she guides them loves them to the whole life.

Patience is another name of a mother. A famous saying says “Home is not home without mom” Everybody searches for mom after reaching home.

There is a big role of a mother in a successful life of her children and her entire life revolves around her children that can’t be discussed in a few words.

* Sister:- A sister who always cares for her brothers/sisters. She supports him, defends him, loves him, tells him what is wrong and what is right.

A sister is the second mother of a brother. A sister is a friend that keeps every secret of her brother.

* Friend:– A friend is the most important part of life especially of teenage life. She handles all the mood swings and listens to the same story a hundred times of her friends. She gives the best pieces of advice to her friends in their hard times.

* Wife:- A wife who leaves her own home for her husband. This sacrifice can never be replaced with another. She shares every sorrow and happiness of her husband and always tries to keep him happy. In between her own dreams got lost anywhere.

* Grandmother:- A grandmother is the mother of her children as well as grandchildren. She does every possible thing for them. She takes care of kids after her daughter in law go to work. Every kid is close to her grandma to her stories and to her delicious food.

* Professional:- A woman is efficient in the home as well as her workplace. She is going on top in every field. Today there are many businesswomen who have established their names in golden words.

*Daughter in law:- A daughter goes to a new home, new people and everything new. But she tries to adjust her in their life, tries to make them happy and the attributes of her own parents help her the whole life.

*Sister in law:- As ननन्द (husband’s sister) she has to be in her limit while coming back to her own home because after marriage everything got change she has to deal with her brother’s wife before her parents.

*Social worker:- A lady fulfills her duties to society as well. Now she is aware of her rights and she can raise her voice against injustice. She works for women empowerment.

*Mother in law:- When a mother weds off her son and there is a new family member enters the home. She promises her that she will always live here like she used to live in her own home.

The bonding that they both share is different sometimes it’s spicy and sometimes it’s sweet..but a beautiful relationship.

Women are habitual of loving others, helping others. Their emotional and sensitive nature makes them more beautiful. The way of handling every situation makes them stronger than anything else.

I hope this article might somewhere touch your heart. Thank you very much for giving your precious time for reading this. The global role of women will be discussed in further articles. Try to understand the role of women and which role you liked the most, comment below. You can read more about girls.

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